The explosion of mobile and tablet devices have inspired a new generation of magazines, which allow you to explore and interact with content like never before. Watch video, listen to music, zoom into images or play interactive games all the while only accessing the information that is of interest to you.

They can sit alongside and complement the print version, allowing you to use whichever format is best suited to the reader or opportunity. They offer the kind of feedback only web developers have been able to offer before in the shape of reader statistics. Enabling you to assess the effectiveness of marketing messages or content.


To design and develop a faculty prospectus into an online interactive magazine for Huddersfield University.

hpm produced an online interactive magazine for the ADA Faculty at Huddersfield University. This is the first time the faculty has taken the prospectus away from a printed job and onto an online forum. The publication is over 100 pages in total and included various embedded videos as well as rollover images and page turner software.

interactive top
interactive bottom_left
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